The Importance of Proper Digestion

It has been observed that health is the result of what one assimilates, not what one necessarily eats. We accept lots of food into our bodies, but only that which has been properly assimilated can be utilized for rebuilding and repairing cells and malfunction areas. Proper assimilation is acquired by “drinking the solid foods and chewing the liquid food.”

This is an old and true axiom. We should thoroughly chew the solid foods, mixing saliva with them until the food becomes a liquid; then we drink it. The liquid foods must be swished (or chewed) in the mouth, then swallowed. The saliva thoroughly mixed with the foods is the key that opens up the doors of digestion. Without mixing saliva with the food, the balance of the digestive juices are not activated for good assimilation. By gulping, “inhaling” or bolting the food down without properly mixing saliva with it, we only get eight to ten percent of its value. By properly chewing we can raise this to forty or forty-five percent. The balance is generally cellulose or indigestible fiber.

We not only receive far better health, but also save money. Food is one of our largest expenditures, and if we can get four to six times better assimilation, this promises superior health and a happier life. With one fourth or one third of the food we have been used to eating, we can receive much more power and energy.

Another must for good health is to slow down the eating procedure, relax and be happy. Discuss pleasant things during mealtime, even laugh a little.

Such foods as soups, gruels, porridges, and purees contain so little solid matter that the bulk, considerable though it may be when the food is eaten, is soon reduced to a very small volume. On this account liquid foods are almost always constipating. The only exceptions are those liquid foods which contain much sugar, acids, or fats.

Pasty cereals such as oatmeal mush, are decidedly constipating in their influence, because of their pasty consistency and the little mastication which they receive. New bread, hot biscuits, “noodles,” and doughy foods of all sorts are likewise objectionable.

If the above principles are not applied, constipation and/or indigestion can result. Premature old age and death, misery and even crime originate from constipation more than from any other bodily disorder. Constipation is not in itself a disease, but is a symptom, the cause of which may be disease or simply neglect.

Indigestion is basically poor assimilation or difficulty in processing food in order to get the proper value from it. The use of aluminum-based digestive tablets sold on the market give only temporary relief and aluminum poisoning is a side-effect or after-effect. However, by eating nutritiously and supplementing our diets with a good quality herbal colon formula (not to mention stabilized probiotics), we can set ourselves on a much better path.

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